USA Women's Hockey Fought for More than a Gold Medal and WON!

February 22, 2018


There are few times in life when our integrity and grit is truly tested.  Over the past 11 months the US Women's National Hockey team has been fighting a battle that has challenged more than their physical capabilities.


In March of last year, the team demanded the same treatment as their male counterparts on Team USA.  This meant comparable salaries, access to child care and maternity leave, disability insurance, monthly training stipends, performance-based bonuses, among other things.  As a protest, members of the team decided they would boycott the International Ice Hockey Federation World Championships unless USA Hockey addressed their salary negotiations.  


A few days before the competition a deal was reached.  Despite the naysayers, the odds stacked against them, and history not on their side, the women of USA Hockey team stood strong and won their battle for equality.


It's no surprise then, with Canada dominating the Olympic field for the past 20 years, that the US Women's Hockey team won an epic battle on the ice, against all odds and all naysayers.  And it's only fitting that it came on the 38th anniversary of the greatest game in US Men's Hockey history, the Miracle on Ice victory over the Soviet Union in 1980.


Congratulations to Team USA Women's Hockey for earning GOLD in the 2018 Olympic Games.  And thank you for reminding us what integrity and true grit looks like!





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