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Sponsor A dallas elite PLAYER

Dallas Elite football players, like most of their peers in women's football, are 100% responsible for the cost associated with playing the sport.  For those of you that have played, or know someone who has played, we all know it can get expensive - between the helmet, cleats, shoulder pads, socks, mouth guard, gas for travel to and from practice, etc.

However, in addition to full live's outside of football, these women gladly take on the financial responsibility of playing this wonderful sport because THEY LOVE IT THAT MUCH!  While we work towards establishing a culture and creating a system where women can, one day, get paid to play tackle football, we ask that you take the opportunity now to support these women through player sponsorships.

All sponsorships and donations are greatly appreciated, and go entirely to the player(s) of your choice.  With your support, we hope to see this game grow to new levels!

Player Sponsorship Form


Thank you for your support

Thanks for your support!

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