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Currently, the Women’s Football Alliance (WFA) has over 70 full-contact, tackle teams participating in the upcoming 2019 season. It is the responsibility of each individual team to raise 100% of their operating budget through ticket sales, fundraising, donations, and sponsorships from the community and business partners. Operating expenses include everything from uniforms, practice facilities, field rental, referees and practice equipment, just to name a few. These expenses are approximately $55,000-$65,000 per year.


Our team participates in fundraising opportunities throughout the year, however, women’s football is still a pay to play sport. Through ongoing efforts, we aim to eliminate this aspect from women’s football allowing them recognition for their dedication to excellence on and off the field.  Our mission is to educate women on the fundamentals of football, guide them in their understanding of the game, and promote each woman’s opportunity to be part of an elite team of female football players. 

Corporate and business sponsorships are vital to our mission of providing women and girls with opportunities to learn, grow, achieve, and excel through the sport of football. Whether we are competing on the gridiron, visiting schools and youth groups, or conducting a football clinic, we are strengthened by your generous support.

Please consider becoming one of our team’s valued sponsors.  We can also help shape one of our current team sponsorship packages to meet your specific business needs. 

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